Wedding Week – Day 6- Billiejean Rogers on Health & Nutrition

This will be one of your most memorable days to remember. Want to look and feel your best? Here are some tips for you to keep in mind as you plan for your special day.

1) Set realistic Goals.
If its weight loss you’re looking for, then come up with a number that you know you can honestly achieve. If you’re planning a year out then you have more time to complete your goal, but if you’re looking at 6 months or sooner the goal needs to reflect that. If you’re just looking to tone up some, plan accordingly. You can always continue with your weight loss/Toning after your big day. Remember this is just a JUMPSTART.

5 times per week should be your goal. If this is important to you, you will make the time. Now do you have to plan for a 60 minute workout that leaves you crawling out the door from exhaustion? No! Keep in mind that it isn’t the time you spend working out, it’s the quality of time. Light bulb just came on, huh?

  • YOGA: A great form of exercise. No equipment needed or Gym fees. You use your own bodyweight. How cool is that. Some moves that are Low Impact, Fat melting and Body Sculpting are: Up Dog, Cow Pose, Bow, Sphinx.

If you’re not familiar with these poses you can look them up on the internet or buy any YOGA tape at the local department store for around $ 5.00. They will go over the basic moves and you can get busy.

3). SLEEP.
Yes ladies…you heard me. Sleep! You need 8-10 hours of sleep per night, especially when you’re under stress. Your body needs to heal; it needs to build up your Immune system. You do not want to be sick or run down on your special day, so turn off those TV’s and shut down Facebook. Get into a routine at night. A warm bath with Lavender Oil will work wonders for you before bedtime.
4). Make Meal planning and food shopping a priority.
If weight loss is your goal this is VITAL! Make a menu on Sunday that lists your meals for the entire week.  Plan your meals according to your schedule. No one wants to make those Drive through runs because they weren’t prepared…am I right? You can go to many websites and download healthy, organic meals and snack options for free. You can modify the menu to your taste as long as you keep it healthy. (For example swap fish with chicken if you don’t like seafood.)

Here are some options for light snacks that are considered “Flat Belly snacks” and have a good amount of protein with only 100 calories.

1). Side salad: carrots, tomatoes, artichokes, granny smith apples, romaine lettuce and 1 tsp. of olive oil.
2). 3/4 cup cottage cheese with 1 tbsp of dry plain peanuts or 1/4 cup fresh berries of your choice.
3). 12 Almonds
4). Greek Yogurt with handful of blueberries and or kiwi

4). Limit certain foods temporarily.
About 5 days before the big event limit certain foods. Why? As you may know, dairy, meats, white flour foods (a.k.a- CARBS), sugar and alcohol all cause bloating and puffiness, break outs and upset stomachs. This is especially true when you’re not functioning under normal circumstances. You’re going to have these pictures forever. You do not want to feel bloated, look puffy and be all broken out on your special day!  If you do find yourself with no other food options due to traveling or not planning ahead, try drinking a cup of warm water with a big lemon slice in it. It will help with digestion and comfort any stomach upset you may have. This is good to have as an option after dinner every day too, so try adding it into your new nightly routine.

Keep in mind that its not just about looking good on the outside but also feeling good on the inside. Once the wedding has come and gone you have your whole life ahead of you with your perfect gift. You want to live a long healthy life together. Use these tips as a new way of life instead of falling back into bad habits. Starting your marriage off in a healthy positive way will only enhance your new life together as husband and wife.





Billiejean Rogers is the wife of MKISA, Mother to two talented & handsome boys, Personal trainer and health/fitness enthusiast.  When she’s not cooking up a delicious meal, you will find her volunteering at church, shopping at the thrift store, playing with her sweet dogs or spending time with her true love.

You can find her on Facebook.

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