The Reed Family is Growing!

When Valerie contacted me to photograph her maternity photos, I felt an extreme sense of urgency in her request by the way she so gracefully asked, “How soon can you photograph our family?  I really need some maternity photos taken.”  So, I simply replied with a date and time and so desperately wondered when she was due.  It wasn’t until the day of her session that I realized she was less than 2 weeks away from having baby #2!  At any moment I wondered if the baby were to come, how I would blog their session and explain the story; but thankfully, for your sake, mine, and Valerie’s, baby #2 is still curled up inside mommy’s belly awaiting its debut into the world.

As you browse through these images, embrace the feeling of excitement for the Reed Family, now a family of 3, but any day now, a  beautiful family of four.  I can only imagine the feeling of wonder and joy that their hearts are feeling as they patiently prepare for the little one’s arrival.  Valerie & Richard always choose to let the gender be a surprise, so I thought it would be fun to take votes as to whether you think it will be a boy or a girl… be sure to let them know what you think in the comment section below.  If you ask their sweet daughter, Reece, she will softly say, “I am having a sister…..and her name will be sister.”

So there you have it folks, meet Valerie, Richard, Reece, and …….”Sister”!

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