Fall Mini Sessions – Stoney Creek Park – Goldsboro, North Carolina Photography

Its beginning to feel like fall outside & I can hardly contain myself!  Is anyone else giddy with excitement?  I love all the exciting things that come with the change in season; pumpkins, mums, bonfires (with s’mores of course), salted caramel mochas, honey crisp apples….and my list goes on and on!  The trees explode in a multitude of brilliant colors; the air is brisk and the cloud cover provides stunning lighting opportunities for photographs.  Fall is also a wonderful time to start thinking about Christmas gifts; beautiful family photos are some of the most meaningful, lovely presents one could ever give to family and close friends!

We’re excited to offer Fall Mini Sessions on Saturday, October 25.  I’m literally quite booked until 2015 but I’ve made room for this day of fall mini sessions, so if you are wanting fall photos of your children or your family, these are for you!


Date: Saturday, October 25

Cost: $100 – includes 25 minute session, 10 proofs in online gallery, $25 print credit to use for purchasing photos + a special treat!

Time: 8:00-10:00 a.m. or 3:00-6:00 p.m. (Slots are given on a first come, first served basis.  $100 is due at time of booking to confirm spot.)

Location: Stoney Creek Park – Goldsboro, North Carolina



To book a Fall Mini Session, please email studio@brittanischultze.com and your preference of a morning or afternoon slot.  We’ll email you back ASAP to confirm your time!

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Julia – Senior Portraits – Kinston, North Carolina

Spending time photographing Julia’s senior portraits in Downtown Kinston, North Carolina really made me feel old.  I’ve been photographing her family for quite a while; as a matter of fact, they were one of the first families I ever photographed.  I’ve been so privileged to watch Julia grow up and mature into the wonderful young lady she is today… its hard for me to believe that she’s a senior!

Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia01Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia02Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia03Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia04Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia05Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia06Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia07Senior portraits are one of my favorite things on this planet.  Seniors are at such an interesting, crucial moment in life.   They’re about to experience the real world, relying on their talents to make it big. I love spending time with them, hearing their dreams and goals, capturing them just as they are, right now, so they can look back on their pictures in later years and remember who they were before one of the biggest transitions in life. Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia08Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia09Bearing in mind my love for seniors, and my desire to capture their personality, I wanted to be sure to capture some of the serious side of Julia during her shoot.  She likes to have fun, but she’s a hard worker who loves to read and wants to be a lawyer!  I saw these great looking lime green chairs inside Ginger 108 and knew they’d be perfect for a few shots.  I love the way they turned out!Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia10Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia11Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia12Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia13Julia is such a natural in front of the camera.  I hardly had to pose her, she just knew what to do!  Sure, part of that may be her instincts, but some of it very well could be the fact that I’ve photographed her more times than I can count on my fingers.  :)Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia14Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia15Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia16Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia17If you are ever in the Downtown Kinston area, be sure to keep an eye out for these spots that we shot at. Many are located right near some great restaurants & hang out spots like the Boiler Room, SweetiePies, the Red Room, Mother Earth Brewing, and Chef and the Farmer.Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia18Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia19Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia20Julia brought her cute boyfriend, Kyle along as a prop for her photos.  I couldn’t resist blogging these few images of them together.  They’re adorable!  Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia21Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia22Goldbsboro-NC-Photography-Senior-Julia23Julia- As always, it was a true JOY to photograph you.  Thanks for choosing me to document your senior portraits!  You have such an exciting year ahead of you!  Dream big dreams.  Keep laughing.  Study hard and pray harder.  Embrace the adventures that life throws your way & learn from your mistakes.  I can’t wait to see where the future will take you. You are a very strong, lovely, wonderful young lady!

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Christian & Ashley – Engagement Photos – Goldsboro, North Carolina

Today I get the amazing privilege to introduce you to a sweet friend of ours, Ashley!!!  Ashley has such an eccentric personality.  She’s a sweetheart and an animal lover, a talented artist, and a super fun lady to get to know.  While I’m excited that I get to introduce you to her, I’m even more excited to introduce you to her and her FIANCE!  What?!?  It’s still so weird to me that she’s engaged!  It seems like just yesterday, we were all traveling in a car down to Florence, South Carolina to hang out with Christian and meet him for the first time!

I’m so so happy for Ashley and Christian.  The way that they laugh together, the way she honors him and respects him, and the way he gazes at her and supports her….its really adorable and more importantly its a true definition of a healthy husband and wife relationship.  It’s always amazing to me that in a giant world full of all kinds of people that they found each other and have so gracefully fallen in love.

Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography01Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography02Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography03Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography04Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography05Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography06Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography07Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography08We met up with Ashley & Christian for their engagement photos on Ashley’s family’s land, the same place their wedding will take place.  We wanted to incorporate the woods near her family’s house, the horses, and the barn in their photos to serve as a symbol of her loving family and support system.  During our shoot, Kevin and I even took a turn riding on the horse…gotta have some fun on the job, right?  Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography09Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography10Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography11Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography12Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography13Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography14Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography15Goldsboro-NC-Wedding-Engagement-Photography16

As much as we will miss Ashley being close to home, I’m excited for the many new adventures that are in store for she and Christian in South Carolina!  Stay tuned for photos of their outdoor wedding coming up next month!

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[…] farm wedding.  Ashley & Christian chose to have their wedding at the same place we took their engagement photos, Ashley’s family’s woodland farm land.  We made sure to incorporate the woods near her […]

Mia – Birth Photography – Goldsboro, North Carolina

Last Tuesday I received a text message I was anxiously awaiting.  It was 9:33 p.m and we had just walked in at home.  I had sat on the bed and took my shoes off, things were winding down and I was going to start getting ready for bed.  Until that text.  It was short and sweet; “We are on the way to the hospital.”  I rushed to grab some shoes and my “hospital bag” packed with clothes in case this ended up being an overnight adventure.  My sweet friend Lauren was in labor and I was going to be her birth photographer!

Rich and Lauren have another child, Liam, and the love they have for him is astounding.  I love seeing all their posts about him on social media because its so obvious that he is loved so strong and so well by all of their friends and family.  I knew that this pregnancy was no different and this sweet baby girl would be protected and adored by her mommy & daddy and their entire circle of friends.

Lauren & I have been talking for months about her birth and the photos she wanted me to capture.  Honestly, I was so excited about it, the thrill of a new baby being born into the world was something I just knew I wanted to capture.  The days leading up to her official text on August 19 were full of false alarms, contractions, and lots of “I’m just ready for her to be here!” Quite understandable!  So when she finally let me know they were really on the way to the hospital I think I squealed with excitement!

Goldsboro-NC-Photographer-Brittani-Schultze-MiaBirth4Until this point I had never photographed a birth before and I had never been in a delivery room before.  I knew what to expect but at the same time I didn’t.  I was filled with all kinds of emotions as things started to get real.  Lauren got admitted and received and IV and was placed in Labor & Delivery room #4.  Things started our very mild.  There were moments of laughter followed by intense moments of pain.  Then, more moments of laughter and excitement.

Goldsboro-NC-Photographer-Brittani-Schultze-MiaBirth6Things really started progressing around midnight.  Lauren was dilated to 5 centimeters and hadn’t had any pain medicine yet.  It was time for an epidural.  Around 1 am, I was in the lobby and Rich came to join us while they prepped her for the epidural procedure.  Within 20 minutes the nurse came running back into the waiting area and told us that we needed to come quick.  “She’s ready,” the nurse kept saying.  “Ready for what??”  “She’s at 10 centimeters and is going to have this baby soon!”  We dashed down the hallway back to the delivery room.


The atmosphere in the room had changed quite dramatically.  Lauren was in a lot more pain; she was almost ready to push.  Nurses were at her side coaching her as Rich walked into the room.  Goldsboro-NC-Photographer-Brittani-Schultze-MiaBirth7Goldsboro-NC-Photographer-Brittani-Schultze-MiaBirth8

He rubbed her head and kept reminding her to breathe.  His word were soft as he whispered in her ear, “Lauren, breathe.  You can do it!  Breathe.  Our sweet little girl is gonna be here soon!” Goldsboro-NC-Photographer-Brittani-Schultze-MiaBirth0Goldsboro-NC-Photographer-Brittani-Schultze-MiaBirth9Literally a few moments later, sweet Mia Elizabeth made her appearance into this world around 1:40 a.m.  Its a moment I will never forget.  Goldsboro-NC-Photographer-Brittani-Schultze-MiaBirth1Goldsboro-NC-Photographer-Brittani-Schultze-MiaBirth2Goldsboro-NC-Photographer-Brittani-Schultze-MiaBirth3To see the smile on Rich’s face and the adoration in Lauren’s eyes…my heart exploded with joy.  This world will be a more beautiful place with sweet Mia in it.Goldsboro-NC-Photographer-Brittani-Schultze-MiaBirth4 (1)Goldsboro-NC-Photographer-Brittani-Schultze-MiaBirth5 (1)Goldsboro-NC-Photographer-Brittani-Schultze-MiaBirth6 (1)Goldsboro-NC-Photographer-Brittani-Schultze-MiaBirth7 (1)

For over 60 years the Holder family has waited for the birth of another little girl…and she is finally here.

Rich & Lauren – Thanks for giving me the honor of photographing Mia’s birth.  What a remarkable experience it was to watching you two in the delivery room as you brought your little girl into the world.  I’m thrilled for you guys and your family; what exciting things are to come!

To see more of Lauren’s Birth photography and Big brother Liam seeing Mia, click here.

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A Gender Reveal Party – Goldsboro, North Carolina Photography – Baby Fusilier

Well, its Wednesday; one of my favorite days of the week because it means the work week is halfway over!  Anyone else feel that way?

I wanted to kick off the new look of my blog with a personal post about an exciting happening in my life – I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!!  Does anyone have any ideas of what I should be called?  I think “Auntie B” has a cute feel to it…but I welcome your comments & suggestions!

When Kelley (Kevin’s sister) told me she was expecting early that spring morning I could hardly contain all the million baby ideas that ran thru my head…thanks Pinterest.  Kelley is somewhat of a “hippie child” or at least that’s what her momma says, so I knew she would want any baby celebrations to reflect that.  I spent weeks planning her gender reveal party because I wanted it to be something special for her & Santi to look back on!

We decided that Kelley, Santi, Wanda, Kayla and I would attend the ultrasound and then I would leave with an envelope to discover the gender and plan the gender reveal party.  Well….little Baby Fusilier had other plans.  That stubborn little babe sat in Kelley’s tummy as comfortable as could be with its legs crossed for an entire 40 minutes.  SERIOUSLY?  We had a party to throw but even at a young age….this little booger was showing us who the boss was.  Sorry Kelley…looks like your hands are gonna be full!!!  (In the best way possible!)

So a few weeks later we went back to the OB-GYN.  The plan was the same.  Kelley, Wanda and I were so anxious and were really hoping that the baby would cooperate so we wouldn’t have to reschedule the party again!  Once in the ultrasound room the technician was talking with us about the party and asked if we were still having it, what our plans were, etc.  So then she starts looking around for the gender and before we knew it she responded with, “Its not the best position….but IT’S A GIRL!!!!”  Mixed emotions filled the room.  I think Kelley even let out an, “Oh No!” because she was so worried about my feelings being hurt, but full of giggles I happily reminded them, “IT’S A GIRL!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!”  The tears were flowing.  Though it wasn’t what we had planned it was perfect!

The next phase was the hardest.  Knowing the secret and keeping it.  I think it slipped out to a few folks but for the most part, we were able to keep it a surprise until the evening of the gender reveal party.  Sadly it rained and we had to move everything indoors, but it was still a blast!

In case you didn’t know before, now you do….My mom and I really enjoy planning parties and decorating for them.  :) Here’s a few photos I snapped of the food and decorations!


The cutesy, adorable cake topper came from sweet friends, Justin and Keary at Grace & Salt. Seriously, check out their stuff…its amazing!Goldsboro-photography-Brittani-Schultze-Gender-Reveal4Goldsboro-photography-Brittani-Schultze-Gender-Reveal5Goldsboro-photography-Brittani-Schultze-Gender-Reveal6We sent everyone home with favors after we announced the gender.  Planning your own gender reveal party?  You can find the pink popcorn recipe here.Goldsboro-photography-Brittani-Schultze-Gender-Reveal7I love this photo of our family.  From Left to Right is Kayla (sister-in-law), Bruce (father-in-law), Kelley (sister-in-law), Baby Fusilier (in-utero), Santi (Kelley’s boyfriend), and my handsome husband, Kevin.
Goldsboro-photography-Brittani-Schultze-Gender-Reveal8Here’s Kelley & Santi with Clara, Santi’s sister!Goldsboro-photography-Brittani-Schultze-Gender-Reveal9We had to grab a quick shot of Team Pink & Team Blue.  Looks like the Team Pink crowd outnumbered the Team Blue folks.  To view even more images from the party, click here!Goldsboro-photography-Brittani-Schultze-Gender-Reveal0And finally, here’s a few lovely photos of the mommy-to-be.  How perfect does she look?  She definitely has that mommy glow!Goldsboro-photography-Brittani-Schultze-Gender-Reveal1 (1)Goldsboro-photography-Brittani-Schultze-Gender-Reveal2 (1)Goldsboro-photography-Brittani-Schultze-Gender-Reveal3 (1)

So there you have it folks.  Sweet little Abella June will be here in a little over 3 months.  Thats so crazy to me!  Time has flown by!  Keep checking back soon because I’m sure there will be more images of her mommy soon!

Kelley & Santi- Thanks for letting me document your sweet memories as first time parents.  I’m so excited for your new journey together as parents & I pray special blessings over you both & Abella.  Anytime you ever need a baby sitter, I’m here….but there will be candy & soda involved.:) Just kidding…she will be loved on lots and slightly spoiled.  Here’s to the adventures that are in store for you! Kevin & I love you both and are always here for you!

Until Next Time,


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