Featured on Engagement 101 Blog – Goldsboro, North Carolina Wedding Photography

In August we received an exciting email from Juliette, style editor for Engagement 101 magazine.  She had stumbled upon Mallory & Goss’ engagement session and wanted to publish it!  We are always so honored and so excited when people reach out to us about using our images so of course our answer was “yes!”

The mission of Engagement 101 is for women to find their dream engagement ring and awesome proposal ideas!  How cool is that?

Well guys…we’re giddy with excitement because today’s the day! Mallory & Goss’ engagement photos and proposal story are featured on the Engagement 101 blog!  Please go check it out and leave some fun comments! You can click the image below to visit the blog!

Happy Tuesday!


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Josh & Jill – Rustic Fall Wedding – Smithfield, NC Wedding Photography

Josh & Jill’s wedding day was the first time this year that Kevin and I actually felt like fall was finally arriving.  The sun was shining, the breeze was whirling through the tree branches and the leaves began to fall.  How appropriate it was for their rustic, fall wedding themed with apples and sunflower decorations.

Josh & Jill love going to Tennessee and when they do, they always visit “The Apple Barn”; its one of their favorite spots.  Throughout their wedding, elements of apples and leaves and sunflowers provided splashes of fall color to complement the perfect fall-eqsue air outside.  Jill couldn’t have planned it any better.

Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography01If you have been following our blog, you got a chance to see Jill’s incredible bridal portraits taken at the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh.  As radiant as she was in her bridal portraits, I think she exuded even more happiness and an overwhelming amount of love on her wedding day.  Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography03Jill is such a sweet heart and it was an absolute honor to spend the past few months getting to know her and her family as the wedding preparations were being made.  Its safe to say that Josh is marrying into a wonderful family that thinks the world of him!  Not to mention, Jill’s parents’ names & her sister’s name all start with the letter J.  So…Josh was destined to be the one for her.  Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography06Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography07Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography04Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography05Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography16Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography17Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography18Josh & Jill chose to do a first look before their wedding.  In case you are new to the photography realm, a first look is more of a modern way to photograph the bride & groom seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day.  We set up their first look outside by a rustic barn to capture the essence of their day.  In a quaint setting with just the two of them, Josh was able to see his bride in all her glory.  He was able to take in all of her details, the sequins on her floral sash, the buttons down her dress, her hair, and all the beauty that she radiated.  Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography14Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography13Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography12Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography11Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography09Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography10
Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography08Lets talk about these adorable little ones!  They were hands down the sweetest kids to photograph & I think they take the cake for the most adorable.  Plus, sweet baby boy Maxton stole everyone’s heart with his hat, bow tie, suspenders and those big blue eyes!Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze_20Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_SchultzeGoldsboro_Wedding_Photography15Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography19Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography20Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography21Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography22From the macarena, to the Wobble and then the chicken dance…I think its safe to say that a great time was had by all.  Jill really wanted to convey a feeling of togetherness at her wedding.  She wanted everyone to gather as friends, family, and loved ones – making memories and cherishing each other’s company. We were so honored to be their photographers and document their wedding story. Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography23Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography24Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography25Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography26Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography27Goldsboro_Wedding_Photography28

Josh & Jill– Our hope is that as you look through this blog, you are brought back to this very day where you became husband and wife.  What an amazing day it was and we are truly honored to have been your photographers.  Thank you for entrusting us to capture one of the best days of your life.  Here’s to your amazing life together!  We love you both!

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Taste of Wayne – United Way – Goldsboro, North Carolina Event Photography

Well….its time for us to share with you another one of our favorite local events.  Allow me to introduce you to “The Taste of Wayne.” The Taste of Wayne County is an outdoor food festival happening Saturday, October 11th in Downtown Goldsboro (200 N. Center St. / City Hall Block) benefitting United Way of Wayne County.  United Way of Wayne County is a community organization working in collaboration with local non-profits to improve the lives of people in our local community.  Partnerships with local programs which meet established criteria of program accountability through outcome measurements and fiscal responsibility are supported by uniting people and resources to achieve the greatest impact on lives in Wayne County.  If you’re looking for an organization to help, United Way is one of the most powerful ways for you to make a difference in the community.  United Way’s goal is to increase the capacity of the people of Wayne County to care for one another by identifying human needs and supporting programs that have the greatest impact on improving lives.  They are committed to addressing the underlying causes and creating long-term solutions that will improve lives.  Their four key focus areas for Wayne County:

  1. HEALTH & WELLNESS – Improve Health & Wellness of Wayne County Families
  2. FINANCIAL STABILITY – Increase The Capacity Of Families And Individuals To Achieve Financial Stability
  3. EDUCATION – Improve Futures For Youth Through Successful Educational Experiences
  4. STABILIZING PERSONAL CRISIS – Stabilize Personal Crisis by Meeting Emergency Assistance Needs with Dignity

The best cuisine Wayne County has to offer will be available for you to taste while you enjoy live entertainment. After you have sampled all the delicious food, you get a chance to vote for your favorites in specific categories.  The People’s Choice Award, sponsored by US Foods is coveted among the participating restaurants and the 2014 winner will receive $1,000 cash! Last year’s Taste of Wayne had over 23 restaurants so you will NOT leave hungry!  Kevin and I have attended the Taste of Wayne for the past 2 years and we totally LOVE supporting our favorite local restaurants and United Way of Wayne County.  United Way is truly making a difference in our community and we are proud to support them!20141002-115904.jpg20141002-115849.jpg20141002-115837.jpg20141002-115824.jpg20141002-115811.jpg20141002-115738.jpgTaste Of Wayne027So, whatcha think?  Wanna taste all the yumminess that the Taste of Wayne has to offer?  Here’s your chance!  We’re giving away 2 FREE tickets to the event!

Here’s how to win FREE tickets:

Post a link to this blog on your Facebook page. Tag Brittani Schultze Photography‘s Facebook page AND United Way of Wayne County‘s Facebook Page.  (You first have to “like” Brittani Schultze Photography & Graphic Design and United Way of Wayne County’s pages before you can tag them.) Winner will be selected randomly on Thursday, October 9.  You can post ONCE per day. Example Post: (using the @ symbol on Facebook will help you tag the pages)

I’m pumped about the Taste of Wayne benefitting @United Way of Wayne County ! Check out this blog by @Brittani Schultze Photography & Graphic Design for a chance to win 2 free tickets!http://brittanischultze.com/taste-of-wayne/

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2014 Cool Weather Fashion Guide – What to Wear – Goldsboro, North Carolina Photography

The seasons are changing; temperatures are dropping and the fall boots are making an appearance!  (Can I get an AMEN?!)  With the change in seasons comes a change in fashion and style so I thought it would be most appropriate to share a little secret Cool Weather Fashion Guide with you! Here’s eight simple outfits to keep you looking and feeling good for your “colder weather” portrait session. The best part is, you won’t have to look far to piece these great looks together – they’re comprised of solid-color basics that can be found in a single shopping trip.  Paired with some funky jewelry, a hat or a colorful scarf and some stylish boots, you’ll be the best looking dude/dudette on the block.  Each outfit is paired with a rich Pantone hue to get you excited about clothes-shopping for your big day in front of my camera.     1.  Margarita Margarita is a soft sage green that reminds us Spring is somewhere around the corner, but not quite here yet! This hue is innocent and graceful, and can be worn as an accent color or as the main piece. Leather shoes and accessories look fantastic alongside this tone. Margarita2.  Provincial Blue This special grey­blue is introverted and complementary to just about anyone lucky enough to be wearing it! Whites and greys are ideal companions to create a complete look. Lovely to look at on camera and versatile for indoors, outdoors, urban, or out in nature, Provincial Blue is a great, low­risk choice for anyone putting together their outfit. ProvincialBlue3. Pumpkin Spice What a deliciously exciting color to spice up your photographs! Done properly, this oh­so­Autumn tone could turn your photographs into something your friends will envy for years to come. Try using this spicy hue as an accent color, or if it’s a main piece like a top or jacket, make sure the rest of what you’re wearing is dark and subtle. The yellow­orange will pop on camera and look amazing. PumpkinSpice4. Rhubarb Rich rhubarb red is ready for Fall or Winter ­ a deep, complex tone that commands attention. This festive color is so powerful even a small accent of it, like a pair of shoes or wool scarf, is enough to add vibrance to the dullest of outfits and backgrounds. Don’t overdo it, though ­ too much can also overpower your skin tones! Rhubarb5.  Sheepskin Warm, comfortable, subtle ­ sheepskin evokes the best part of cooler weather. Incorporating sand tones into your wardrobe adds a calming, natural touch. Sheepskin accents like boots and slippers provide wonderful texture to your images and keep your toes toasty! Sheepskin6. Teal Ah, teal ­ both bright and melancholy, energetic yet relaxed. This popular color looks fabulous in front of the lens, especially set against cloudy skies and yellow­orange leaves. It also looks fabulous on just about everybody, making it a wonderful choice as the star of your outfit. Teal7. Tea Rose Blushing shades of dusty pink and mauve are uppity and oh­so­cute against the moody grey skies of the cooler season. Leather footwear and chocolate accents ground the brighter pinks while adding natural textures to the overall look. A lovely set of outfits perfect either in our out from under the umbrella!   TeaRose8. Cascade Brighter than the other blues in this collection, Cascade is optimistic and playful. Soft sand tones as accents allow this special blue to shine. Cascade is another wonderful choice for those who aren’t quite sure what color would look best; it won’t let you down! A perfect color to wear for the camera. Cascade

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Jill – NC State Arboretum Bridal Portraits – Raleigh, North Carolina

Happy Saturday!

We are currently spending the day photographing Josh & Jill’s wedding and it has been nothing short of spectacular! Jill was absolutely beautiful when we photographed her bridal portraits but even more so today as she glowed with excitement to become Josh’s wife.

Here’s a few breathtaking images from her bridal portrait session in Raleigh. We can’t wait to share their wedding story with you!


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lynn hessSeptember 21, 2014 - 9:18 am

they are beautiful!!

Rustic Fall Wedding - Smithfield, NCOctober 21, 2014 - 4:22 pm

[…] you have been following our blog, you got a chance to see Jill’s incredible bridal portraits taken at the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh.  As radiant as she was in her bridal portraits, I […]

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