2015 Cool Season Photo Fashion Guide – What to Wear – Goldsboro, North Carolina Photography

Since the weather is getting even cooler, I thought it would be appropriate to share some perfectly on-trend outfit inspiration to inspire all my clients!  These twelve outfits are super rad and should help answer the classic question of “what should I wear to my photoshoot?”.  

Choosing outfits for photo-taking during the chilly season doesn’t have to be difficult – here’s six women’s and six men’s outfit ideas to help with your holiday shopping!  Paired with some funky jewelry, a hat, a bold, colorful scarf, some stylish boots and a knit sweater, you’ll look the best for your close up!

Hope you enjoy this 2015 Cool Season Photo Fashion Guide as much as I do!
cool weather fashion 2cool weather fashion 3cool weather fashion 4cool weather fashion 5cool weather fashion 1cool weather fashion 6

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Patrick & Lindley – Fall Engagement Photos – Goldsboro, North Carolina Wedding Photography

How did my baby brother get so grown up?  This whole session is somewhat of a blur to me because I tried and tried not to think about the fact that Patrick is getting married.  Its not that I don’t want him to marry his most favorite girl ever, I just don’t want to see him grow up and move out.  There; I said it.  Isn’t admitting the first step?  I know life will be different without him around all the time and that is frightening to me.  Having him close to home is all I’ve really ever known.  When I’ve needed to borrow a legit pair of baggy sweatpants, they were in his closet waiting for me.  When I needed a man for the job around the house, he would stop by on the weekends to make it work and together we would laugh until the problem was fixed.  I know he will only be a few hours away after he gets married, I just don’t want to embrace change.

But, the more I really think about it all, the more realistic I get to thinking. I know that I’m not losing my brother, but instead I’m gaining a sister.  Plus, it will be nice to have Patrick & Lindley in the “young married” category so we have some more friends we can relate to and share life with.  It’s just a small, necessary change in life and I’m going to cling to it and look for all the amazing things to come from it.

“Don’t be afraid of change.  You might lose something good, but you’ll gain something better. -Unknown”

Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani01When Patrick and Lindley got engaged, inevitably I knew that somehow I’d be a part of their wedding day…I just didn’t know to what extent.  When given my choice of being a bridesmaid or documenting with my camera, I’ll let you guess what I picked.  Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani02Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani03Patrick and Lindley have been together since middle school and have grown into amazing adults.  They have such a promising future ahead of them.  I’m really proud of them for sticking together through the years and for maintaining a healthy relationship throughout college.  They really make me proud!Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani04Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani05Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani06Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani07Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani08Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani09Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani10Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani11Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani12Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani13Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani14Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani15Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani16As I was photographing their fall engagement photos at Odom Farming Company in Goldsboro I made a promise to myself that I would seize every opportunity to spend as much time with Patrick and Lindley as I could over the next few months before he moves away for Grad School.  I acted on that promise after their shoot.  We ran around like a bunch of crazies in the middle of a corn maze at night and diligently followed our fearless leaders (Patrick & Lindley) as they strategized a way out.  I considered it a marriage building exercise.:) Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani17Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani18Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani19Since I can’t marry my own brother, I’m thrilled he picked Lindley.  I’m so over the moon excited for them…Patrick has grown into such a handsome man.  He’s so smart and so kind; Lindley knows what a lucky gal she is to have him and his sense of humor.:) Together they are going to dominate the medical field and leave their mark on this world.  They are passionate individuals who love Jesus, their families, and momma’s good cookin’.  I’ve come full circle in this post…here’s to embracing all the crazy exciting changes to come in the next few months. Goldsboro_NC_Photography_Engagement_Brittani20Patrick – Thanks for being the best little brother a girl could ask for.  Thanks for all the physical therapy advice, all your crazy stories, your willingness to help me and for being there when I need you.  I love you so much and I’m so excited for you and Lindley.  Thanks for letting me photograph you both.  You’ve grown into an amazing human being and I am honored to be your sister and friend.  I’m always here if you need me!  <3

Lindley- Thanks for loving Patrick the way you do & for putting up with his silliness.  Thanks for encouraging him to follow his dreams and for sticking by his side through the tough years of school and growing up.  I’ll make sure he always buys you flowers and does nice things for you.:) I love you guys together and I love the fact that you’ll be my sister soon.  :)

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Carl & Amanda – Haw River Engagement Photos – Saxapahaw, North Carolina Wedding Photography

Happy Saturday everyone!  I’m so excited to share with you Carl & Amanda’s Engagement photos today!  Amanda has been a joy to work with throughout this entire planning process over the past few months.  She’s incredibly sweet, super stylish and such a natural in front of the camera; Carl you sure are a lucky guy!

Carl & Amanda are both pursuing the same career; Pharmacy..and with an eerily similar taste in music and beer, it is safe to say they are a perfect match.  Kevin and I met up with them a few weeks ago and together we laughed and enjoyed a wonderful night of photo-taking awesome-ness.  Here’s some photos to prove it!Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani01Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani02Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani03Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani04Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani05Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani06Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani07Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani08Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani09I love it when my grooms are excited about fashion and have an input on what they want to wear for the session.  I’d like to give Carl a shoutout for that wicked cool jean jacket!  Don’t ya’ll agree?  :) Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani10Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani11Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani12Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani13Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani14Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani15Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani16Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani17I love when our couples have a vision for some of their photos and together we can make it happen.  Carl and Amanda brought along some of their favorite beer from Haw River and had a little picnic under the weeping willow tree.  It was so lovely and I think the photos capture it quite well.  Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani18Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani19The folks at Haw River played a big part in their engagement story and will be a part of their wedding.  I can’t wait!!!Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani20Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani21Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani22Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani23I love these next few shots.  Nothing says winter like a couple all snuggled up in sweaters and vests…its my favorite.Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani24Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani25Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani26Raleigh_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani27

Carl & Amanda – You guys are such rockstars!  Thanks for such a fun session….I can’t tell you how excited we are for your wedding at the Haw River Ballroom!!!  Its going to be amazing!  Thanks for choosing us to capture your adventure together!  We love you guys!

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Becca & Landon – Outer Banks Wedding – Ocracoke, NC Wedding Photography

I was giddy with excitement the very first time I heard from Becca; she wanted us to photograph her Outer Banks wedding in Ocracoke.  What a dream!  It was only an email inquiry so I never got to speak with Becca on the phone in the beginning but there was just something about her personality that shined through in her email.  I couldn’t wait to meet her in person.

Meeting Becca and Landon for breakfast at Brigs restaurant that Saturday was such a breath of fresh air.  They are such amazing human beings with hearts of gold.  We laughed and carried on about organic food, healthy living and their day to day lives working in healthcare.  I remember our conversation in the car after we left them; I kept asking Kevin how we got so lucky as to have such amazing clients.  Literally, we just keep getting blessed with the sweetest and most sincere clients in the world…sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Over our breakfast Becca and Landon told us all about their wedding day plans and all the festivities surrounding their destination wedding: deep sea fishing, wine tasting, live music and so much more!  What more could a photographer ask for?

I can’t speak for all of the photographers in the world, but for this photographer, there couldn’t have been a more perfect day or location for Becca & Landon’s wedding.  The rain moved through Ocracoke earlier than planned which made for a rain-free day.  The wind was breezy, but comfortable and the sky was lovely.


Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (1)Becca’s dress was absolutely stunning.  It was as if it was hand-picked for her.  The belt she chose to accent with was made with ivory leather and beads and was the perfect accessory to add a touch of pizzazz to an already extremely classy dress.  Those glittery gold shoes from J.Crew…..swoon!Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (2)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (3)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (4)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (5)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (6)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (7)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (8)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (9)Landon & his family grew up visiting the charming little village of Ocracoke and the Outer Banks of North Carolina; it made for perfect destination wedding location and a sentimental one too. Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (10) We loved all of Landon’s attention to detail in his accessories.  How amazing are his shoes?  I mean, seriously, didn’t he do a great job picking them out?Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (11)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (12)Another thing we totally loved was the fact that all of the guys wore different ties by Collared Greens.  Becca and Landon picked out the ties (and a beer) to coordinate with each of the groomsmen’s personalities.

Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (13)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (14)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (15)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (16)
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (18)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (17)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (19)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (20)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (21)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (22)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (23)There were so many special touches that Becca & Landon incorporated into their day that made it so special.  I adored these invitations; they were simple in their color scheme but full of character with hand-lettering and a hand drawn map of their Ocracoke wedding festivities.  Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (24)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (25)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (26)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (27)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (28)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (29)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (30)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (31)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (32)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (33)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (34)The Ocracoke Lighthouse is the second oldest operating lighthouse in the nation. We had to incorporate just a few photos with it towering in the background.  What’s a destination wedding without photographing in one of the “must-see” spots? Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (35)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (36)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (37)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (38)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (39)Are you drooling yet?  The sunset was incredible.Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (40)And the amazing-ness didn’t stop there.  Guests (and myself) danced the night away under a tent on the front lawn of the historic Wahab House.
Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (41)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (42)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (43)Complete with a live band and twinkling lights the sun began to set over the water as friends and family shared heartfelt speeches and busted a move on the dance floor.Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (44)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (45)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (46)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (48)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (47)Outer_Banks_Wedding_Photographer_Ocracoke_BrittaniSchultze (49)

Becca and Landon – WOW!  What an amazing day.  Thank you for choosing us to be a part of it.  We’re so honored that our paths have crossed and that we were chosen to document and share in your joy.  We wish you a lifetime filled with amazing new adventures and countless memories!


It takes a whole crew of people to make a wedding come to life.  I’d really like to thank the following vendors for helping to make Becca & Landon’s day so special:

Cocktails – Zillie’s Island Pantry
Rehearsal Dinner – Dajio
Rehearsal Dinner Band – Molasses Creek
Ceremony Site – Ocracoke United Methodist Church
Wedding Director – Robin Turner, friend of the couple
Wedding Coordinator – David Bundy, Ocracoke Style
Reception Site – The Wahab House
Florist – Ocracoke Style
Catering – Flying Melon Cafe
Band – Class Act


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Stand for One Gala – Sex Trafficking Awareness – Greenville, North Carolina Event Photography

We love blogging stories of people falling in love and starting a new adventure together, but tonight I’m super pumped to share something totally different on the blog.  Tonight’s story is about a couple who’s on an even larger adventure together, one thats even larger than they can wrap their mind around.  Allow me to introduce you to Chris & Anna Smith, founders of Restore One.


I’ve known Chris & Anna since High School and as long as I’ve known them they’ve been inseparable and passionate about challenging people and encouraging them to live life for something larger than themselves.  While serving as youth pastors they were made aware of the subject of human trafficking and felt moved to dedicate their time and talents to fighting domestic minor sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.  In 2012, the cry of Chris and Anna’s heart became a reality with the founding of Restore One.  Restore One is a ministry that seeks to open shelters that offer faith-based residential recovery programs, free of cost to American boys who are survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST). Restore One also counteracts human trafficking and human exploitation by community awareness, education, outreach and partnerships. Restore One’s goal is to see DMST survivors live in complete freedom, and to generate communities that are intolerable to the problem of human trafficking and human exploitation.  Since founding Restore One, Chris & Anna works diligently on their chief project, The Anchor House. The Anchor House will be the first shelter in the nation designed to meet the psychological, physical and sociological needs of sex trafficked and sexually exploited American boys.


Chris & Anna contacted us in September to ask us if we would partner with them to photograph their Stand for One Gala at Rock Springs Center in Greenville, NC.  The goal for the Gala was to raise $70,000 to assist Restore One in the opening of  The Anchor House.  The Anchor House will be the first safe house nationwide devoted solely to providing holistic trauma informed care to sex trafficked boys, ages 12-18 and is set to open in March 2015. It will be a licensed residential care facility under the state of North Carolina and will provide a safe space for restoration, healing, and all preparations needed for the boys to re-enter into a normal life. How exciting to think that we could partner in such a unique event with a huge mission!  Needless to say, we were so delighted to partner with them in their mission to make a difference in the lives of people. Here’s a few of the images from the evening that was filled with music, dinner, and a silent auction.

Rebecca Bender was a special guest and served as the Master of Ceremonies.  Rebecca is more than just a survivor of domestic Sex Trafficking.  She is an award winning, internationally recognized speaker, author and Survivor Leader in the movement to eradicate modern day slavery. 


Restore_One_Human_Trafficking_Photography06Restore_One_Human_Trafficking_Photography07Restore_One_Human_Trafficking_Photography08Restore_One_Human_Trafficking_Photography09The picture below was taken during a moving testimony of how Chris and Anna found this gentleman’s son a place to be restored from a sex trafficking accident that took place in a college setting.  At this moment the reality of human trafficking weighed heavily in the room; I don’t think there was a dry eye in the building.


Michael Cusick, Founder and President of Restoring the Soul Ministries, who serves as an adjunct professor at Denver Seminary and author of Surfing for God, was the keynote speaker for the evening. His personal testimony and heart for healing from sexual baggage and brokenness paralleled with Restore One’s mission to restore sex trafficked boys and men.



We were so honored to be able to attend the Stand for One Gala and learn even more about Restore One and their diligent work on the Anchor House.  We’ll be announcing some more partnerships with Restore One early in 2015 and we hope that you will partner with us to be an abolitionist and help Restore One fight human trafficking.

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