Sarah & Blake – Romantic Fall Wedding – Goldsboro, North Carolina Wedding Photography

Sarah and Blake, two in-love romantics, are extremely fun to be around. Their relationship and vibrancy is contagious, adventurous, classy and timeless. Surrounding the air of celebration was great support from their family; one thing Brittani and I love about a wedding day is the dynamic of family. In even better words – we value it. We love when clients knit family into the seams of their big day. The fabric of Sarah and Blake’s wedding experience was woven through a legacy of love from generations emphasizing dedicated relationships. So, when she placed on every piece of jewelry and he tied his bow tie, it was for more than a big day – it was for the celebration of life together. Here’s some of our favorites that really bring out the emotion and experience of their romantic fall wedding.



Blake and Sarah, let it be known that you live life fully… you dance like a fool every time you have a chance… you take risks to find more trust in your relationship. We love you guys!

– Kevin & Brittani



A special thanks to the following vendors:

Hair Styling – Melinda Keener / Fringe Salon
Ceremony Site – Bethel Church
Wedding Coordinator – Lauren Holder
Reception Site – Rosewood First Baptist Church
Wedding Cake – Sweetiepies
Catering – Sheryl’s Catering

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Ashley & Christian – Woodland Farm Wedding – Goldsboro, NC Wedding Photography

Two of our very dear friends tied the knot this fall and we were so honored to be there to capture all of their sweet, intimate moments as husband and wife alongside their family and friends at their woodland farm wedding.  Ashley & Christian chose to have their wedding at the same place we took their engagement photos, Ashley’s family’s woodland farm land.  We made sure to incorporate the woods near her family’s house in their photos to serve as a symbol of her loving family and support system.

Ashley and Christian planned a very quick wedding & did a great job doing so!  Ashley’s mom & sister were instrumental in the planning process and did an amazing job on all the details from the handmade invitations & decor to the custom bridesmaid dresses sewn by Ashley’s mom.  With heavy inspiration from the crisp autumn air, fall colored leaves, wooden textures and sunflowers were prevalent.
Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze002Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze003Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze004Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze005Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze006Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze007Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze008Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze009Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze010Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze011Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze012Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze013Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze015Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze016Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze017Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze018Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze019Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze020Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze021Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze022Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze023Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze024Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze025Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze026Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze027Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze028Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze029Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze030Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze031Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze032The crisp autum air didn’t disappoint.  As the stars came out and the breeze began to sing, Ashley & Christian celebrated under a tent full of twinkling lights friends and relatives on a day that couldn’t have been more beautiful.Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze033Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze034Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze035Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze036Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze037Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze038Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze039Goldsboro_NC_Wedding_Photography_Brittani_Schultze040Everything about their day turned out lovely – the fall weather, the sunshine, the DIY details, the intimate ceremony. It was cheery and fun and happy in the best way possible!

Ashley & Christian – We were so honored to have been a part of your day! Thank you for trusting us with your memories and for being our friends! We love the love that you two share & are so happy for you two! We loved being a part of your wedding day & can’t wait to be a part of all of your adventures for years to come.  We love you guys!

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Bobby LoweryDecember 12, 2014 - 11:41 am

Ashley & Christian – Woodland Farm Wedding – Goldsboro, NC Wedding Photography…beautifully done, Brittani! It is amazing how you capture moments in time with such artistry!

Sarah & Phillip – Snowy Engagement Photos – Boone, North Carolina Wedding Photography

Today I would like to introduce you to two of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever met.  Sarah & Phillip welcomed us into their home in Boone, North Carolina and had warm cookies waiting for us when we walked in.  They had the bathroom stocked with men & women’s hair products & had extra blankets in case we were cold.  Everything we could have ever needed they had waiting for us.  The next morning we woke up to a text from Sarah wanting to check in on us to see if we needed anything.  She’s the definition of Southern Hospitality.  We had planned their session to be wrapped in fall colors, but when we arrived, we noticed SNOW!  Braving the chilly 21 degree weather, we ventured out for some snowy engagement photos at Bass Lake in Boone.  It was quite windy; the wind chill was a whopping 16 degrees.  To say that we were uncomfortable was quite an understatement, but Sarah & Phillip really wanted photos in the snow so we made it happen!  For once I didn’t have to tell my clients to snuggle up to each other because snuggling was much needed to share body heat!:)
Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze001Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze002Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze003Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze004Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze005Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze006Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze007Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze008Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze009Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze010Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze011After warming up for a bit in the car, we ventured to Appalachian State University to photograph inside Kidd Brewer Stadium/”The Rock”.  Both Sarah & Phillip are big ASU fans so we wanted to snap some photos around the football field to showcase their team spirit.  I love the jerseys they had made with their wedding date: 06-06.Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze012Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze013Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze014Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze015Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze016Boone_North_Carolina_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze017As if all of their acts of kindness up until this point were not enough, when we arrived home from Boone we had a box waiting on the porch for us.  I love gifts and random surprises so I quickly opened it to find mini cupcakes by Baked by Melissa from Sarah & Phillip.  How lucky could I get?  I seriously am blessed with most sincere & kind clients!

Sarah & Phillip – Thanks for braving the snowy downpour with us.  It was an adventure I’ll never forget!  Hopefully your fingers & toes have thawed out since then.  We’re super honored to be your photographers & so thankful for your kindness & generosity extended towards us.  You guys are so sweet & we are pumped about your wedding!  :)

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[…] the right moment for paths to intersect. This was apparent the very first time I met them for their snowy engagement photos and was even more evident when they said I Do in front of their closest family and friends at The […]

Dana & Zane – Woodsy Fall Engagement Session – Greenville, NC Wedding Photography

I love this blog post and I can’t decide why I love it so much.  The images are lovely, but I think the people in them are the best part.  Meet Dana & Zane.

Dana is a gem; I swear the Lord dropped her in my lap and said, “Here you go, B.  Your life will be a better place because this girl is in it.”  Dana has been my intern for a while and has become one of my dearest friends.  I’ve gotten the honor of seeing her grow into a super talented artist and photographer, too.  She’s got a heart of gold and goes above and beyond to serve our business; she’s always there whenever I need her.  Being that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I thought it was fitting to share this post today because Dana has been such a huge blessing in my life this year.  I literally couldn’t have made it without her.  From responding to emails, keeping me organized, sharing new music, mailing things, burning discs, being my friend and all the other things she did for me; she most definitely made my life a little bit easier and more fun, too!  It has been such a joy to get to know her; our time spent editing and eating and laughing together will always be some of my dearest memories.

Dana & Zane are perfect for each other.  I remember meeting Zane for the first time;  seeing the two of them interact together was just so cute.  Zane is selfless, strong and confident, and totally head-over-heels in love with Dana.  Dana clearly adores him; good thing she snatched him up when she did because he is quite the charmer.  He is a dreamer, too, but a selfless one; he values Dana and her dreams even more than his own.  Together they aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and dream BIG, HUGE dreams together.  They are so young, creative, passionate and so talented..I think unstoppable is a good word to define them and I can’t wait to see where they are in 5 years.  One thing is for sure, no matter where life takes them, there will always be a place in our home for the two of them…and without a doubt, the dog Liza will be right there snuggled beside them.  (In case you didn’t know, Liza is our sweet German Shepard/Husky Mix.  She has her own hashtag, #thedogliza, and she’s kind of obsessed with Dana….like seriously.)

It was such a privilege to photograph Dana & Zane for their engagement session.  They both value the arts, so photography is a big deal to them.  Seeing them so excited about their photos made me that much more excited to be taking them.  They had a very specific vision they wanted to achieve and I think we did just that.  I hope you enjoy looking at their woodsy fall engagement session.  Grab you a cup of coffee and enjoy!


Greenville_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze017Greenville_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze016Greenville_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze015Greenville_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze014Greenville_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze013Greenville_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze012Greenville_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze011Greenville_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze010Greenville_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze018Greenville_NC_Engagement_Photography_Brittani_Schultze019Dana & Zane – I hope you know how much we love you.  We’re so grateful to call you our friends.   Thanks for entrusting us to capture some of your most exciting moments together.  We’re honored to be your photographers and can’t wait for your wedding day!

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Stacy & Zac – Rustic Outdoor Wedding – Greenville, NC Wedding Photography

Stacy & Zac’s wedding may be the most personal and intimate wedding we’ve ever been a part of.  Their goal was for their guests to leave smiling and with their heart warm. A lot of effort was put into where they got married – on a hill surrounded by trees – and they even got to know the people who owned the land so they could learn of its history.  With a focus on family, the day was intertwined with a balance of laughter and tears..and sometimes so much laughter that resulted in tears.  Every family member chipped in and did their fair share to serve Stacy and Zac and ensure that their wedding day would be exactly what they had spent months planning for…see Stacy’s remarks below.

“It will be a Rustic Outdoor Wedding, a “farm wedding” themed with rustic accents like mason jars, whiskey barrels, a hay ride etc. Our focus is on family and everyone getting to know each other and having fun. Zac has a big family and they all live out of state so this may be the only time we are all together in one place, so we just want everyone to laugh and smile and get acquainted and love each other.”

Here’s some of my favorite images from their wedding day; it will be a special day that I remember for a long time!  To view their entire gallery, click here.

Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography01Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography02Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography03Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography04Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography05Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography06Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography07Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography08Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography09Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography10Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography11Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography12They had such a sweet first look!  I just loved the way Zac looked at Stacy as she stood before him.  It was precious!
Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography13Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography14Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography15Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography16Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography17Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography18Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography19Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography20Stacy was brilliant when she told the girls to pick out their own Navy dresses to wear.  I love how each dress expresses their individuality….and paired with those sunflowers…oh la la!  It was gorgeous!
Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography22Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography23Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography24Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography25Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography26Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography27Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography28Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography29 Zac built the doors for Stacy to walk through and he also built the bar and other signs out of pallet wood….adorable, right?Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography30Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography31Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography32Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography33Stacy & Zac chose to plant a tree for the unity ceremony – Zac’s mom brought soil from Kentucky and Stacy dug up soil from her dad’s farmland in NC.  Together they planted and watered a tree that they will one day plant in their own yard.  Then, alongside with their families, they can watch the tree grow strong just as their marriage.
Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography34Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography35Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography36Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography37Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography38Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography39Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography40Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography41Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography42Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography43They really went the extra mile when it came to adorable details.  Most all of the wedding stationary was hand-made and they even went the extra mile to hand stamp each utensil with homemade stamps!  Navy and yellow napkins were printed with the shapes of Kentucky & North Carolina to symbolize the family heritage of Stacy & Zac.Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography44If you remember their engagement session, you know that Stacy enjoys spending time baking.  So…Stacy made their wedding cakes, NC and KY cookies shaped like the state, and then she traded in her apron for a saw and made their giant JENGA game.  All of the favors were made by their family which made for lots of quality family time as they prepared for their big day. Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography45Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography46Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography47Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography48Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography49Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography50Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography51Greenville_NC_Wedding_Photography52Stacy & Zac – Thanks for choosing us to share in your adventure together as husband and wife.  We’re so lucky to call you our friends…partially because of your delicious baked goods, but mostly because you guys are awesome!  We wish you a life full of snuggling on the couch and so many more amazing memories!  We love you guys!

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