Pauline & Fede – European-inspired Richmond Wedding – Richmond, Virginia Wedding Photography

Last July I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law and I kept hearing her refer to some friends who would be visiting from Richmond.  I had heard nothing but wonderful, kind remarks about them and I knew that any couple who would drive 3 hours for a baby shower must have been remarkable people.  The shower began and shortly after I began greeting the guests, Pauline & Fede arrived in my kitchen, smiling and hugging their friends.  They were such a delight to meet and get to know over baby shower snacks and coffee.  As the party began winding down, I learned that Pauline & Fede were getting planning a wedding in Richmond and were in need of a photographer…..what a coincidence!

As they shared the details of their day, my heart began to leap with joy.  You see, Pauline is from France, Fede from Argentina, and together they are such a powerhouse couple; smart, beautiful, and so incredibly kind.  Hearing the details of their European-inspired Richmond wedding., I began wondering what it would be like to be their wedding photographer; until this point I had never photographed a European-inspired wedding before.  Being all about a new adventure, I waited for them to inquire about my photography and said a few prayers that they’d choose me.  Surprise….they did!

Abby and I didn’t know what to expect when we arrived in Richmond for their wedding.  Their wedding planner had shared quite a lot of details with me and I knew it would be a lovely celebration but I was so nervous about the language barrier.  Guests were coming from around the world!  I just wanted to capture beautiful moments of their day, even if I couldn’t carry on a full conversation with anyone!

Their wedding day was absolutely lovely.  Seeing all the guests who had traveled from near and far to celebrate was absolutely heartwarming.  Stepping into the reception hall, watching the dances, seeing the 2 cultures merging together to form a strong marriage bond was such a beautiful picture of unity & I feel so honored to have been a part.

Love doesn’t need to be expressed through words, sentences, phrases or any language because lovers understand each other with their looks, their smiles, their minds, their hearts and with their souls.
-Aarti Khurana


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Dana & Zane – Abilena Plantation Wedding – New Bern, NC Wedding Photography

It was the most perfect day that anyone could ask for.  The sun was shining down upon them as they looked into each other’s eyes and said their vows.  I cried quietly as I focused on taking photos to capture all of the tiniest details for them.  Dana & Zane’s Abilena Plantation wedding was full of little moments that made it super special for us to photograph.  I loved the moment that Dana’s dad saw her for the first time, there were no dry eyes in the room.  Dana held back tears as she read the words that her groom had written to her before the wedding.  Watching Zane’s face as his bride took the long walk to stand before him was one of the sweetest moments of the whole day; she is his treasure and the way he admired her all day was one of the sweetest things to be a part of.

So many moments from this wedding day really spoke to my heart and reminded me of how special a wedding day is, not just for the bride & groom but for the friends and family members who gather to celebrate the two lives becoming one.  I had a blast seeing the laughs shared amongst friends, watching the dances between lovers (& even strangers!), hearing the music from Matt Phillips and the Philharmonic, sampling the cupcakes, and documenting the big and small moments of Dana & Zane’s love story.

As you browse through Dana & Zane‘s Abilena Plantation wedding images, I hope you can feel the warmth, hear the birds, sense the peace and feel the presence of the loving community of friends and family surrounding them.  What a wonderful day it was!


A special thanks to the following vendors at Dana & Zane’s Abilena Plantation Wedding:

Hair Stylist – Cassie Erdmann & Melinda Keener @ Fringe Salon
Venue – Abilena Plantation
Wedding Coordinator – Geneva Nelson Kolb / My Perfect Party
Cake Artist –Strange & Sons Catering Services
Catering –Ali Smith Cake Designs
Floral Designer – Suzy Bowen
Live Band- Matt Phillips & The Philharmonic

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Dana – Waterfall Bridal Portraits – Raleigh, North Carolina Wedding Photography

Now that Dana & Zane’s wedding is officially over, I get to share one of my all time favorite bridal sessions with you!  It was so hard keeping these lovely images of Dana a surprise for so long….I’ve been dying to show the world how lovely she truly is.  :)

Dana is full of adventure and creativity; she’s passionate about loving people and does so generously, without reserve.  She’s selfless, kind, and so sincere in her love.  I wanted her bridal session to reflect those qualities in her.

As a photographer, sometimes I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform, especially for friends who love photography…and I did that for this session.  Its easy to capture the love of two people when they are in front of my camera, but to capture the heart of someone isn’t quite as simple of a task.  I wanted these Waterfall Bridal Portraits of Dana to breathe something, to mean something about her.

I knew that when people saw these images, not only did I want them to feel a certain way, I wanted them to see into Dana’s heart and who she is as a person:  a wife and a dreamer, a creative, generous, simple & sophisticated, brave, humble human being who I love dearly.

I hope these portraits speak just that.  

Raleigh_NC_Bridals_Brittani_Schultze10Raleigh_NC_Bridals_Brittani_Schultze11Raleigh_NC_Bridals_Brittani_Schultze12Raleigh_NC_Bridals_Brittani_Schultze13Raleigh_NC_Bridals_Brittani_Schultze14Raleigh_NC_Bridals_Brittani_Schultze15Raleigh_NC_Bridals_Brittani_Schultze16Raleigh_NC_Bridals_Brittani_Schultze17Raleigh_NC_Bridals_Brittani_Schultze18Raleigh_NC_Bridals_Brittani_Schultze19Raleigh_NC_Bridals_Brittani_Schultze20Dana’s Waterfall Bridal Portraits were shot in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Vanessa & Truman – Engagement Session – Raleigh, NC Engagement Photography

I recently met up with Vanessa & Truman for their Raleigh, NC Engagement Photography session and we had a blast spending a few hours together.  I love the way Vanessa & Truman look at each other and smile.  In an instant, their faces light up with love for one another and excitement for the journey they are embarking on.  They are both very genuine & generous people who long for an adventurous life and in the short time I spent with them it was so evident in the way they live their lives and carry themselves.  I can’t wait to photograph their wedding this fall at Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock, NC!

I hope you enjoy looking through their lovely Raleigh, North Carolina Engagement photos; be sure to let you know think by leaving a comment below!Boone_NC_Wedding_Photography01Don’t you just love Vanessa’s “blue hair”?  😉  Girl can rock it!Boone_NC_Wedding_Photography02Boone_NC_Wedding_Photography03Boone_NC_Wedding_Photography04Boone_NC_Wedding_Photography05Boone_NC_Wedding_Photography06Boone_NC_Wedding_Photography07Boone_NC_Wedding_Photography08Boone_NC_Wedding_Photography09

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Ashley & Jayen – Montaluce Winery Wedding – Alpharetta, Georgia Wedding Photography

For 2 years I have prayed for the opportunity to photograph an Indian wedding and today I’m thrilled to share my first Indian-American Fusion Wedding photos with you!

When Jayen first contacted me about their wedding, I’m pretty sure I screamed out loud.  It was a Sunday morning and I was go excited to share the good news with Kevin.  Just the fact that we had an inquiry for an Indian wedding made my day! Once I booked their wedding all I could think about was how unique their day would be.  She’s a laid-back southern girl with the loveliest smile and the sweetest personality, he’s from an Indian culture full of vibrancy, heritage and strong family ties.

The original plan was for a fall wedding in Georgia but certain job factors and the fact that they just longed to be together led Jayen & Ashley to change their date & their venue.  Ashley & her mother researched wedding venues and found the ever-so-lovely Montaluce Winery in Dahlonega, Georgia for their Indian-American Fusion Wedding.

Their family had gathered together from near and far to witness the joyful moments that encompassed their Montaluce Winery wedding.  It was such a beautiful day with so many moments of joy and celebration. Ashley & Jayen have such a genuine and passionate love for one another and it was such a joy to photograph their day!!!  Not to mention they are phenomenal people.  You meet them and you love them… instantly.  I’ve never felt more like part of a family than I did for the 2 days I spent with Ashley & Jayen and their friends and family in Georgia.

It was a perfect day…. from beginning to end. Ashley & Jayen I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of your amazing celebration!!Montaluce_Vineyards_Wedding01Montaluce_Vineyards_Wedding02Montaluce_Vineyards_Wedding03Montaluce_Vineyards_Wedding04Montaluce_Vineyards_Wedding05Montaluce_Vineyards_Wedding06Montaluce_Vineyards_Wedding07Montaluce_Vineyards_Wedding08Montaluce_Vineyards_Wedding09Montaluce_Vineyards_Wedding10




A special thanks to the following vendors at Jayen & Ashley’s Montaluce Winery Wedding:

Venue – Montaluce Winery
Wedding Coordinator – Katie Gayler & Elizabeth Buck at Montaluce Winery
Catering –Le Vigne Restaurant at Montaluce
DJ- DJHiren

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