Miranda and Miles – Goldsboro, NC Engagement

On this lovely Friday morning, I’d like to introduce you to this ever-so-fabulous couple: Miles & Miranda!  For the past few days I’ve gotten a few emails from Miles anxiously awaiting this post – He and Miranda are head over heels for each other, constantly saying “yes!” to the adventures in life.  When their first engagement session was rained out, Miranda was heartbroken & it was Miles who offered her comfort and the promise that next time would be better.  Believe me…we couldn’t have asked for a more fun & beautiful day!  We met up on Memorial Day at Miranda’s sweet grandmother’s house.  You know the kind of grandmothers who have candy dishes full of chocolates and old fashioned favorites scattered throughout the house?  Well….that is 110% Miranda’s grandma.  As Miles and Miranda were changing into their second outfits, Ms. Norma showed us around the house and we couldn’t help but notice all the New York Yankee paraphernalia lining the walls.  Not wanting to miss a story, Kevin asked her what the connection was and she let us in on it!  Ms. Norma’s late husband, Clyde King was an American pitcher, coach, manager, general manager and front office executive in Major League Baseball. He played with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1944 alongside of Jackie Robinson and today, he is best known for his longtime role as a special baseball advisor to George Steinbrenner, late owner of the New York Yankees.  Upon hearing all of her stories, Kevin and I walked up and down and all around the rooms, intrigued and learning more about baseball history than we could if we had watched a special on PBS.  Mr. Clyde King was a big family man & always loved coming home to his house in Goldsboro, North Carolina.  Being that their photos were at his house, I wanted to make sure that Mr. Clyde, who passed away in 2010, was well remembered and that his legacy & major league team were represented throughout Miranda & Miles’ photos.  So as you scroll through and come across that well known logo, try to think of it out of its usual context of umpires, coney dogs, screaming fans, and home runs.  For Miranda, Miles, Ms. Norma, & the rest of the King family, the New York Yankee symbol is less about baseball and more about following a lifelong dream and being committed to living a legacy of passion.  Miles & Miranda, we SO look forward to photographing your wedding.  We hope its a day that sparks that same legacy of passion thats been passed down throughout your family.  Thanks for allowing us to step inside your story & capture these sweet moments!

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