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There’s nothing more classy and timeless than a southern bride. Mallory seized the essence of southern beauty and charm as she dazzled in the sun rays amidst the family farm during her bridal session.  As Mallory stood near her grandma’s blooming azalea bush, her mom and grandma stood by smiling; reminiscing the little girl who used to play by that very azalea bush, now a beautiful young woman in her wedding gown.  If time stood still that would be a moment I would want to keep for their family; being but just a small piece of the moment was an honor.

Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_014Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_013Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_012Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_011I had asked Mallory what her ideal bridal portrait would look like and after pondering for a few minutes she said she wanted something “golden, with the sun setting behind her”.  A simple request, actually, and thankfully the lighting that afternoon didn’t let me down.  The sun began to set and cast golden rays amongst the woods so we adventured through them together.Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_010Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_009We had one final stop of the day, the family farm.  You may remember seeing this farm from Mallory & Goss’ engagement session.  One of the things I admire about Mallory is that she is passionate about her family and their heritage.  She really wanted to implement elements of her family into all of her sessions and for her bridals we chose to unfold her grandmother’s quilt.  Mallory’s Granny passed away a few months before she met Goss.  Being that she was extremely close to her Granny, Mallory wanted to find a way to honor her in her portraits.  The quilt that belonged to her grandmother inspired the theme for her wedding and served as a lovely prop for Mallory’s bridals.  Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_008Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_007Then came some hay.  Who doesn’t love a hay bale as a prop??  :) I have to give two shout outs here:  one to Mallory’s mom and the other to my amazing intern Dana. Mrs. Wanda drove the tractor and brought us the hay.  She totally surprised me when she hopped on that tractor and showed it who was the boss!  Woman power!  Dana is always willing to help & do pretty much anything I ask her.  I don’t know what I would have done without her at this session to fix Mallory’s dress, hold the reflector, and be my right-hand lady.  Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_006Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_001Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_005Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_004Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_003Southern_Wedding_Bridals_Photography_North_Carolina_002Mallory has such an adventurous spirit and when she gets her mind set on something, there’s no stopping her.  So, to wrap things up, she put on her boots and flannel for a few quick photos.  We had a blast!  I love how each location captures Mallory’s classic, playful spirit.  She was truly a beautiful bride and an even more lovely person to come to know.  I can’t wait to share her amazing wedding with you soon!

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Kim CherryMay 24, 2014 - 11:30 am

Hi Mallory,

I grew up on the same road as your mom & attended Harrell’s Chapel throughout my childhood. Your grandmother was such a sweet & kind lady.
Your photos are truly some of the loveliest I have ever seen. I love that your remained true to yourself. (I love the boots and hay bales.)


Kim Carlyle Cherry

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