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I have been waiting to share this blog for quite sometime now.  This story has been a work in progress for years.  My awesome little brother met his soon-to-be bride on a mission trip while they were both in middle school.  They have been with each other for practically half of their lives.  Its been so awesome to see them grow up and mature together.  They’ve grown into amazing adults and they have such a promising future ahead of them.  I couldn’t be more excited that Patrick asked Lindley to be his wife over Easter weekend.

Near the end of last year, Patrick contacted me about “reserving” a date on my calendar for him so that I could photograph whenever he planned to propose.  We agreed on May 3, 2014 and I held that date for almost 5 months.  Near the beginning of April, things began to change and their exam schedules got changed so there was going to be no way on Earth to get Lindley away from studying on May 3 since she had a big final exam on May 5.  So, Patch and I were scrambling as we tried to figure out what date we could use now.  I was booked for nearly every other weekend and he knew that he wanted to propose before he graduated….so, we decided on Saturday, April 19, the day before Easter.  We knew that Lindley wouldn’t expect anything because it was Easter weekend and we were all so busy with egg hunts, church services, and family get-togethers.

For the past 3 months Patrick has been working diligently during his breaks from school to build the sign he would use for the proposal at Fort Fisher.  He ordered letters off of Etsy and painted them, bought posts and cut them to form this massive “Will You Marry Me?” sign to display on the shore.  Hiding this sign in our parents house has been somewhat of a chore because of its mammoth size.  We’d always get nervous whenever Lindley would come that she wouldn’t be wandering around and see it.  Thankfully, she never saw it!  After Patch had his sign prepared, he went thru the old photos of the two of them and printed out his favorites so that he could display them around the edge of the sign.  It was so cute to look thru the images he chose…they progressed from them being teeny little middle schoolers to prom dates and college students.  My heart just melted watching him relish in his “secret project” over the last few months.  He worked so hard!

The morning of April 19 we all loaded up in the cars and headed to Wilmington.  Of course….the weather was not being our friend.  We prayed so hard that there would be a break in the wind and clouds so that everything could be pulled off without a hitch.  More on that later.  We all arrived at Fort Fisher around 3 pm and began to prep the sign.  It had to be de-assembled to transport it.  We unloaded the truck and headed to the spot.  Blowing rain and wind gusting at 25 mph wasn’t exactly ideal to get a sign to stand up, but we kept digging deeper and made it work!  It was definitely a team effort!



Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal001Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal002Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal003While we were setting things up, Lindley was out for a “girls day” with her sweet friend Caroline who was in on the whole secret.  The plan was for Lindley to meet up with her friend Kristen at Carrabba’s for dinner.  In reality, Kristen wasn’t even in Wilmington, but Lindley didn’t know that!  We had replaced Kristen with Lindley’s family at the restaurant to surprise her.  When she got to the restaurant, much to her surprise she found her mom, dad, & sister waiting for her with some gerber daisies, a letter/poem, and a cd from Patrick.  Patrick picked out songs that reminded him of their relationship and wanted Lindley to listen to those songs on her way to meet him at Fort Fisher.  Her family delivered the items and sent her off on this exciting adventure she was beginning.  Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal004Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal005Meanwhile back at Fort Fisher, still praying for the wind and rain to die down,the set up team hung out in the car as we waited for the text that Lindley was on the way!  We were so anxious for her arrival!!  Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal006Finally we got the text we were waiting for and we knew that she was close so we headed to our stations!!!  Patrick waited in the parking lot for her to arrive and then explained to her that she had to close her eyes for the next few minutes. Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal007Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal008Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal009 Then, together, hand in hand they began walking to the shore.  The rain was beating down on the umbrella and wind still gusting but nothing was holding Patrick back from asking Lindley this ever so important question.  They made their way closer to us.  My heart was beating out of my chest.  I was so nervously excited for my baby brother.  Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal010At last…she was in place and he was prepared.  I looked at him with a smile beaming across my face as he dropped down to his knee and yelled for Lindley to turn around and open her eyes!  Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal011She squealed out “OH MY GOSHHH!!!!!!!!!”  And then she replied with a resounding, “Yes!!!!”  Everyone was all smiles.  She thought his massive sign was the cutest thing ever!  And obviously, I think it was too!  Patrick has always been so thoughtful and romantic!Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal012Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal013Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal014

Still enamored with her diamond ring, I managed to get them to pause for a brief second to snap a few photos of them without the umbrella.  They were such champs to pose in the rain.  Thankfully, the Lord heard our prayers and the wind and rain subsided for about 15 minutes during the proposal.  It was still a little unpleasant, but no where near as windy and wet as earlier in the day!Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal015Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal016Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal017

After the proposal, Patrick had one final surprise for Lindley.  He had reservations at her favorite restaurant, Bluewater Grill and her family was there waiting for her! Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal018Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal019Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal020Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal021Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal022

A special thanks to my girl Elva at Green Thumb Florist for these incredible flowers.  She rocks!!!Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal023Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal024Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal025Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal026Wilmington_NC_Wedding_Photography_Proposal027

I’ll never ever forget this day.  It was such a happy day full of memories as Patrick and Lindley turned the page from one chapter of their life to another.  I couldn’t be more excited to officially have Lindley as a sister and I know that her and Patrick are going to have an amazing life together.  It was such an honor to be one of the only people who got to witness their proposal first hand and I can’t wait for their wedding.

Patrick and Lindley-  You both are amazing people and I’m so glad that in this big world you found one another to love.  In the good times and bad, I have seen you both lean on one another and rely on the Lord to pull you thru.  You guys have seen so many different seasons of each other’s lives thus far and you have so many more amazing memories to come. I love you both dearly and I’m so so so excited for you!!!!!!


Embrace the adventure,


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wendy pittmanMay 4, 2014 - 7:30 am

beautiful..thats for sharing
sweet couple and both coming from fine christian families..the pictures are amazzing love your work..very clever proposal

Hope SchaeferMay 5, 2014 - 9:08 am

Beautiful ! What a fantastic day . So glad my sweet niece has such a great young man !

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