Carl & Amanda – Haw River Ballroom Wedding – Saxapahaw, North Carolina Wedding Photography

I can’t believe its nearing the end of October.  Where has the year gone?  Seems like days just keep passing by faster and faster.  I’ve sat here at this little table pondering what to write about this wedding I get the joy of sharing with you today.  Week in and week out I get to spend my days with incredible people.  Sometimes I feel like all of my blogs sound the same: “two wonderful people who I love very much got married & there were pretty little details, lots of laughs, tears, and meaningful memories.”  But it is so true.  If I were to write anything else it would be a lie!  I literally have some of the most incredible clients whom I get to call friends at the end of it all.

The past couple months have been crazy.  People have passed from earth into eternity, friends have announced they are expecting their first child, we’ve celebrated with our siblings as they have gotten married, friends have been diagnosed with cancer, people are having surgeries, life is happening right before our eyes.  Some of it is great, in fact most of it is.  But then there are the days where we get heart wrenching news and it is so weighty.  Today as I sit in this cute little sandwich shop, I’ve spent a few minutes just reflecting on my life, my career(s), my friends & family, my clients & business; ahhhhh… beautiful my life really is.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” | Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

That brings me to Carl & Amanda’s Haw River Ballroom wedding in Historic Saxaphaw, NC. They are two beautiful people who I’ve had the honor of getting to know this past year.  Photographing their wedding was a such a wonderful time.  Their Haw River Ballroom wedding was inside the music venue set in the former Dye House of Saxapahaw’s Historic Cotton Mill. With three levels, a riverside deck, a concessions bar, a full service stage and sound system, gorgeous historic detail, solar and geothermal power and an idyllic rural setting, there is just no other place quite like it.  There was so many beautiful places to capture memories, so many beautiful people, an overwhelming amount of beautiful decorations….it was truly a beautiful day.

I loved spending time with Amanda as she got into her wedding dress.  She was so excited about marrying Carl.  Everyone around her was full of joy and so giddy!  The atmosphere surrounding their wedding day was full of so much joy, its almost hard to describe!
Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography01Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography02Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography03Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography04Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography05Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography06Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography07Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography08Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography09Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography10Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography11Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography12Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography13Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography14Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography15Carl & Amanda chose to have a First Look before their Haw River Ballroom Wedding.  And, wow, what a first look it was!  As Carl saw his bride for the first time he kept saying “wow!” and had her do a couple of spins to show off her dress.  They were enamored with one another, captivated and content being alone in their first moments together.  Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography16Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography17Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography18Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography19I loved that there was a tree swing nearby; it was so whimsical & provided Carl & Amanda with a unique photo opportunity.  Their child-like excitement about being wed was so precious.  I truly love these images.Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography20Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography21Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography22Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography23Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography24Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography25Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography26Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography27Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography28Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography29Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography30Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography31Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography32Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography33Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography34Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography35Haw_River_Ballroom_Wedding_Wedding_Photography36Their Haw River Ballroom wedding ended with a beautiful sunset & sparkler exit!  It was such a beautiful day & so much fun to photograph.


Carl & Amanda- Thank you for being our friends & for letting us capture your day.  It was so wonderful.  May it be the start of a beautiful life together.  My prayer is that the days that await the two of you, no matter how many trials or days of suffering, you choose gentleness & compassion as you adventure into your beautiful life together.

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