Brittani Schultze: The Best Goldsboro Wedding Photographers

I believe in what I do. For me, it’s more than just taking pictures: it’s working with couples to create something beautiful, lasting, and meaningful. The love and stories of my clients are breathtaking, and I work to capture them as authentically as I can. It’s a collaboration, a shared appreciation of adventure and savoring life. We create memories worth keeping.
Wedding photography is an investment in those memories. It’s a way to say, yes, these are the things worth remembering, these are the days to keep fresh, this is the love worth living over again in the years to come. I will help you capture your wedding, every joyful, surprising, loving, blessed moment.

Meaningful, Beautiful Goldsboro Wedding Photography

From the moment you first met, you and your best friend have been on an adventure together. Your wedding day is a celebration of the history you’ve shared, and the future you will build. It’s also a day for your families and friends to come celebrate the commitment you’re making, and to bring two families together into one. As a professional wedding photographer, I strive to commemorate all the little details, as well as the big events.
Let me be your eyes and ears! While you’re busy being lost in your husband’s smiles, marinating in happiness, I’ll be there to capture the proud tear your father quickly wipes away when you say your vows. I’ll capture the happy, impatient anticipation your groom feels just before he sees you for the first time in your dress. I’ll help you always remember the moment your maid of honor sets the veil in your hair, and the pride and friendship in her face as you say “I do.”

A Goldsboro Wedding Photographer Who Tells Your Unique Love Story

It’s important to me that wedding photography is meaningful and beautiful, a reminder of commitment, love, and celebration. Your wedding day photographs shouldn’t sit untouched in an album somewhere – they should be something you are proud to put on your desk, to hang on the wall. So often, wedding portraits are stiff and stale, and don’t feel like you. My wedding portraits are natural and show off you! Your story, your love, your unique adventure! With both portraits to capture the photos you know you’ll want, and skillfully composed photojournalism to save the photos you didn’t expect, I’ll help you remember every moment of your wedding.

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