Goldsboro, North Carolina Engagement – Kirsten and Allen

I met up with Kirsten & Allen in their adorable little neighborhood outside of Goldsboro a few weeks ago.  I was thrilled to finally meet them in person, as Kirsten has been such a joy to email back and forth with.  Her excitement about marrying Allen and having their photos taken made me that much more excited to capture their relationship on camera.

When I asked them where they HAD to be photographed at they said their neighborhood was one of their favorite spots because currently, their house is the only one complete in it.  It’s quiet and has some greenery and is a nice place to relax.  So we started the day off, fighting the rain, in a wooded area a few steps down the road from their adorable house and then made our way back to their place.  I’m in love with their house.  They built it from the ground up and never once had an argument about colors, decor, house layout, or anything!  I thought it was only appropriate that we spend some time photographing them around their house & making memories on the back porch!

After we finished at the house, we meandered to this quaint little area and snapped a few more shots as we waited for the rain to move in.  I just love the little white couch against their coral & light blue shirts.  The rains came, as we knew they would, and Allen being the gentleman that he is, proudly held the umbrella for us to wrap up with a few more shots.

Kirsten & Allen- Thanks for choosing me to be your photographer.  I’m so excited to photograph your winter wedding this December.  Here’s to a great season of planning!




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