Goldsboro, North Carolina Engagement – Kirstee and Jace

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope your week has been wonderful, despite all the rain and storms we’ve been having here in Goldsboro.  Hopefully this sunny, summery engagement session will shed a little sunshine on your day!

I’ve been so excited about sharing this cute couple’s engagement photos with you all!  Jace met Kirstee in 2011 at Target and he was so anxious to talk to her, so he had a mutual friend come over to chat with her.  Since that summer day, they have dived head first into a beautiful relationship & have spent their days watching movies, ordering pizzas, and being homebodies (their favorite things).  When they aren’t watching movies or bowling, most likely they are out taking a drive together, they enjoy the quality time without distractions to grow their relationship & make memories.  Before their session, Kirstee & Jace filled out a questionnaire describing each other & here’s a few of their responses that made me chuckle….I think it will help you get to know them a little more!  :)

3 of her personality traits: Dorky, Caring, Shy

3 of her favorite things: Being Outside, Crafts, Cracker Barrel

3 of his personality traits: Geeky, Dry Humor, Shy

3 of his favorite things: Soccer, Lord of the Rings, NC State University

Fun, huh?  I knew going into the shoot that Jace could be a little nervous around cameras so I wasn’t sure how to get him to feel relaxed, but he was a natural.  I could tell he really adored his lady & her laugh made him smile & feel so at eased.  Kirstee & Jace are getting married in September (on Kevin & I’s anniversary) and I couldn’t be more excited for their adventure as husband and wife.

Kirstee & Jace- A little bit of advice…always have fun together.  There will be days where you just don’t see eye to eye but don’t go to sleep angry.  Be willing to say you’re sorry…and mean it.  Kiss & make up.  Then, go out and continue to make memories.  Whether its bowling, going to a football game, watching a movie & getting Papa John’s…don’t miss out on life’s little treasures.  Enjoy your marriage…it’s one of the most rewarding things ever!

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