Well, January is almost over.  30 days ago we began another new year full of new seasons of life to experience with my sweet family and our community of friends.  I feel like I’m on the cusp of the greatest year of my life.

Its funny to look back on this time last year.  I wrote a blog about slowing down, describing the journey of our family as my mom began to battle breast cancer, I shared about my hormones & the goal of getting them balanced.  Plus I wanted to:
  • Be more present & intentional.
  • Re-do my website with a responsive design and make it more personalized to me.
  • Blog more personal things
  • Plant a vegetable garden and/or be involved in a CSA so I can practice some canning for the winter months
  • Spend less money
  • Learn to rest & relax
  • Read books.
  • Finish our front porch
  • Investigate a solution for making our attic a “useable” space
  • Fix our front yard – it floods so bad when we experience a lot of rain!
  • Take a restful trip with Kevin
  • Condense my student loans!
  • Be even healthier…..this includes resting, being active, remembering to take my vitamins, etc.
HA!  Isn’t that funny?  I can’t help but laugh.  One by one let’s go down the list of 2016 goals and see how the year shaped out!
– Throughout my PREGNANCY, Kevin and I spent time together with friends and family.  The fact that I was able to get pregnant was nothing short of miraculous.  My hormones aligned & we made the sweetest little baby boy in all the world.  While I was pregnant, we talked about raising a family and what we wanted our lives to look like.  I tried to really put down my phone & engage with those I love.  Also, my mom’s breast cancer diagnosis kind of kicked me in the butt and made me remember not to take things for granted.  In 2016 I tried my hardest to be intentional with people & to live each day as if it were the last.
-Still working on the website – coming soon!
-Blog more personal things – still working on this one, but this blog is a good start!  Soon I’ll share some of my favorite nursery items, breastfeeding, & of course I’ll share some recent photos I’ve taken of my clients!
-Vegetable garden…..coming this spring/summer with lots of help from my dear hubs!
-Spending less money will always be a goal of mine!  Throughout the process of designing Hou’s nursery, buying maternity clothes & baby outfits, staying home for 15 weeks on maternity leave, I tried to be a good steward of our money & spend wisely!  Even now, while being a working mom, I make it a goal to meal plan for a week or two at the time to help us plan ahead and not be caught without a plan for dinner which leads us to picking up food that is more expensive/not as healthy!
-Rest & Relax.  Ha.  2016 started restful….first trimester exhaustion anyone?!?  I was in bed some nights by 7 with no dinner cooked!  The end of 2016 brought us our sweet baby boy which was not so restful!  But, hey, HE IS WORTH IT!
-Read books- still a goal!  Do all the little hardback baby books in Hou’s nursery count?  :)
-Finish front porch – DONE!  And, little did we know, we’d end up building a massive wrap around back porch this year, too!
– Attic space….well that plan was changed & we are so happy with the results.  Instead of remodeling our attic & making it into a spare room, we decided to convert our office into our master bedroom.  This gave us a total of 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms and enabled us to add that huge deck I mentioned!
– Front yard wetness – still working on that.  We need to level the yard out, bring in some dirt & then put down grass seed.  At least we know what needs to be done.
-Restful trip with Kevin – no big trips were taken, but we did take a lot of time to rest & do things together while it was just the 2 of us before baby Hou arrived in September.  I still remember our last trip to the movie theater before he was born; everyone was right when they suggested us to go to a movie!  At the age he is now, I feel like a trip to the movies is so far from reality!
-We condensed my student loans this year thanks to BB&T!  Now we won’t be paying as much & will have them paid off sooner than if we hadn’t condensed them!  Praise the Lord!
-Healthier?  Well….I had a baby in 2016 so I definitely took care of myself.  I had to remember to rest, not over-do it and take mental breaks for the both of us!  
Now, what about my plan for 2017?  Can the plan be to have no plan?:)
Let’s first start with goals for my business:
  • Shoot no more than 12 select weddings.  Currently I have 3 on the books.  These have been covered in prayer & I ‘m so excited about the couples I get to spend time with!
  • I will be photographing LIMITED lifestyle (family, maternity, senior) sessions; and I will book no more than 2 weekend lifestyle sessions per month.
  • Mini sessions will be back this year – Spring, Summer & Winter!
  • I’d like to increase the amount of printing I do for my clients – save the dates, invitations, promotional items, etc.
  • I’d like to blog more personal projects!
  • RE-DO MY SITE!  (By golly, this WILL get done in 2017!)

How’s that sound?  There’s something refreshing about putting all that on “paper”.

Thank you all for supporting me in my dreams!  Can’t wait to share my personal goals & our family goals for 2017!  Yay – stay tuned!

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