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Well, January is almost over.  30 days ago we began another new year full of new seasons of life to experience withView full post »

Another Year, Really??? | Part Two

My last blog took you on a journey through my life in 2015.  What a whirlwind huh? My hope for part 2 of that blog isView full post »

Another Year, Really??? | Part One

I cannot believe that 2015 came and went as quickly as it did.  On one hand I’m really sad that it flew by soView full post »

Lindley & Patrick – Romantic Outdoor Wedding – Goldsboro, North Carolina Wedding Photography

Dear Patrick, I know you’re 23 now (Happy Birthday!), taller than me & stronger than me, but I’m always going toView full post »

Stand for One Gala – Sex Trafficking Awareness – Greenville, North Carolina Event Photography

We love blogging stories of people falling in love and starting a new adventure together, but tonight I’m superView full post »

A Gender Reveal Party – Goldsboro, North Carolina Photography – Baby Fusilier

Well, its Wednesday; one of my favorite days of the week because it means the work week is halfway over!  Anyone elseView full post »

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