Brandon & Lauren – Goldsboro Maternity Session

Brandon & Lauren have been friends of our for quite a few years.  We knew them before they were married in Jamaica and have been privileged to be their friends through many unique stages in life.  Before they moved to Maryland, Brandon led worship with Kevin at our home church while Lauren and I served together in the student ministry.  I remember countless nights of double dates spent cooking dinner while the guys watched blues concerts and gawked over fancy new music gear.  Then came the phase of the new puppy & shopping for puppy supplies late at night.  Then, planning my wedding followed by extensive talks of baby Blackmon and their hope for one soon.

 The day that Kevin and I returned from our honeymoon, I received a text from Lauren asking if it was okay to call.  Unsure of what was going on, I immediately called her & received exciting news — SHE WAS PREGNANT!  We then laughed about the baby’s first “appearance” being at our wedding & how she always would joke about being pregnant when I got married.  Funny how things work out.On Christmas day Lauren sent us this video that Brandon made & we sat on the edge of the couch waiting to find out if they’d be having a baby boy or girl.

Scarlett Leigh will be happily welcomed into the world this month & I’ll be making the journey to Maryland to photograph her arrival.  Lauren’s baby shower was in North Carolina last weekend & we were so lucky to capture this new journey in their life.

Brandon & Lauren – Kevin & I have been so blessed by your friendship and we are thrilled to watch you guys become parents to sweet baby Scarlett.  We can’t wait to show the world her beautiful face in a few weeks!!!


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