Alyssa & Cameron – Engagement Session – Wilson, North Carolina Wedding Photography

Alyssa and Cameron are such a sweet couple. We chose to meet up at East Nash Volumteer Fire Department where Cameron volunteers his time. Cameron has a certain way of making Alyssa laugh and the relationship they share is so sweet. Throughout our entire shoot Cameron would sneakily whisper secrets in Alyssa’s ear. She would giggle, he’d smirk and they would both laugh together. It makes my job easier when couples react to each other naturally out of instinct rather than being still and having to be posed over and over again. Needless to say, we had a blast and lots got lots of great photos of them interacting and being themselves.
Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_001Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_002Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_003Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_004Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_006Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_005Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_007Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_008Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_009Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_011Later, they changed clothes and we drove further into the country to a quaint location for some photos that captured their country and comfortable style.  They enjoy spending time together outside with their dog, so they brought their tiny, happy little pup along!  :)Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_010Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_012Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_013
Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_015Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_014Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_016Goldsboro_North Carolina_Fire_Department_Engagement_Photography_017

Alyssa & Cameron- You guys are so great together!!!! That “blind” first meeting at school was worth all the awkard-ness because look where you are now!   You guys are going to be such a great married couple and we’re blessed that we get to share in just a small part of that happiness!  Thanks for allowing us to step inside your story & capture these sweet moments!


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