After photographing Lisa and Akili’s wedding we had a few days to explore Northern California by driving down the winding ocean highways towards San-Francisco. The adventure we were embarking on created an explosion inside our hearts.  We didn’t have a detailed itinerary, just the notion to be free and full of adventure.

Our journey started where we photographed the wedding, Eureka, CA. If you looked at the pictures of the wedding you can see that Eureka was absolutely breathtaking. We drove on Redwood Highway until we reached the tiny community of Miranda where we had booked a cabin to sleep in for the night. Under the protection and wisdom of the Redwoods we stayed in this one room cabin; it was just the two of us and the perfection of serenity  (unless you count the 2 fluffy cats that somehow would meander into our room).  But nonetheless, it was ever so peaceful.  The next morning we began heading south towards Pointe Reyes Lighthouse.  We took the scenic route through Avenue of the Giants and took a few minutes to drive through some trees…definitely something that doesn’t happen everyday!

The closer we got to Point Reyes Lighthouse, the more breathtaking the scenery surrounding our tiny Suzuki rental car became.  The thunderous hills that rolled from the mountains and wine valleys into the waves of the Pacific were full of cows! They had it made… at least for the time they were roaming.  To celebrate the “cute” cows (as Britt would say), we ate range-free beef and the freshest organic produce along the way.  Britt isn’t even a big fan of burgers and she made a happy plate out of hers!    Pointe Reyes was a sight for sure; there are almost no words to describe the experience. We raced down the steps of the Visitor center and stood chest to ocean and watched the whales; just in time before the winter peak came when they would begin heading out. The rocky cliffs around us were so far from the NC ocean and everything around us was so serene; at times we had to ask ourselves if we were in another region of the world. Then we braved the 300 steps back up to the visitor center–the equivalent of 30 stories and we continued the adventure towards San-Franciso, arriving under the Golden Gate at sunset and exploring some of the most famous city streets, Fisherman’s Wharf, and of course Ghirardelli Square.

These photographs are why we believe in our dreams and passions for photography. We can write a little something sweet about our trip, but these pictures will always recall the memories.  We hope you enjoy our moments half as much as we did!


-Brittani & Kevin


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